Hi my name is Norbert, I am from the beautiful island of Guam. As a father of 3 Outrageous children and a grandfather of 2 loving grandsons, I felt I owed it to myself, as well as my kids and grandkids to give them the life I never had.. A successful one!

I am a cybersecurity professional by day, and entrepreneur for life. My life evolves around my family. I Love helping others find better ways to make money on the internet. I again reignited my love for staying fit through a healthy living. love blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, cryptocurrency, and a newfound passion for funnel and traffic building.

We all work, rest, and play, but the only period that offers flexibility is your “play” time. What do you like to do? Watch TV, play video games, surf the net, or post on social media? There are lots of options these days, but not all of them give lasting value. For example, spending hours developing gaming skills gives nothing in return, other than entertainment or escape.

Trading is also very exciting, and the thrill of a winning trade far surpasses the thrill of winning a digital race or battle. But it’s much more than that. Trading requires structure. It flexes the analytic muscles of your brain and makes you sharp. It’s solving a puzzle or mystery and decoding signs that could indicate a coming price move. It’s challenging, interesting, even rewarding, and best of all you can do it whenever you feel like it.

Moreover, trading forex isn’t a one-way street. Money goes in, but it also comes out. Yes, there are people who make a career trading forex full-time, but I would only recommend that if you love doing it. As a trader, you don’t have colleagues or a boss, so it can be a lonely life. I love it, and my day goes by fast when I’m immersed in the currency market